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Lesson 15 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

those days (the same as they do today in the form observes every law of the Sabbath, though he be
of “Judea-Christian” doctrines). an idol worshiper, are forgiven.” It is this kind of
The word VAIN in Ephesians 5:6 is VAIN REASONING that leads to DIS-
rendered from the Greek word kenos (#2756 in OBEDIENCE of YEHOVAH’s Law. Is not
Strong’s Concordance), meaning “empty.” modern Israel (U.S., Great Britain, Scandinavia,
Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon defines this Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) plagued
word as “devoid of truth.” Thus, Paul is warning with similar “vain reasoning” in its various
against being deceived by false teachings that forms and experiencing MASS disobedience to
lead to disobedience (to YEHOVAH God). YEHOVAH God?
Yeshua said the Judean rulers were doing this to
the people. (This is precisely what is going on in Racial Indulgence
Christian Israel today.)
1. Read Matthew 3:1-12. In verse 9,
Other Judean Traditions John the Baptist tells the Pharisees and
Sadducees not to claim whom as their father in
1. Read Matthew 12:1-8. After order to seek “escape from wrath”?
observing Yeshua’s disciples plucking corn, the 2. In verse 7, John called these Judean
Pharisees accused them, in verse 2, of doing leaders a generation of what?
“that which is not____________to do upon the COMMENT: In the above passage of
sabbath day.” scripture, John the Baptist scolded the Judean
2. Read Luke 13:10-17. According to leaders for their LACK of sincere REPENTANT
verse 14 the ruler of the synagogue was angry ATTITUDE. He further condemned their belief
because the Messiah did what on the Sabbath in “RACIAL INDULGENCE” -- the idea that
day? What did the ruler order the people to seek they needed no repentance and would escape
on a day OTHER than the Sabbath? wrath because they were descendants of
3. Read John 5:1-17. In verse 10, what Abraham (a concept DECEIVING many
was it the Judeans went so far as to tell the cured Israelites today). The word VIPERS comes from
man he could not do on the Sabbath day? the Greek word echidna (#2191 in Strong’s
4. Read Mark 3:1-6. According to verse Concordance), meaning “an adder or other
2, what were the Pharisees planning to do to the POISONOUS snake.” Thayer’s Greek-English
Messiah if they caught him healing on the Lexicon further defines this word as “cunning,
Sabbath? malignant, wicked men.” The inference is that
COMMENT: The above verses are an the religious teachings (TRADITIONS) of these
example of the many Judean regulations Judeans were POISONING the minds of others
(TRADITIONS) concerning what could and -- just as they are doing today!
could not be done on the Sabbath day. The 3. Read John 8:31-37. In verse 32, what
Sabbath (indicating a rest) was ORIGINALLY did the Messiah tell the Judeans that they would
intended to be a spiritually uplifting time. know? And what would it make them?
However, the Judean religious leaders gradually 4. After Yeshua offered them freedom,
made it a burden by greatly increasing the the Judeans responded by saying they were
Sabbath restrictions (traditions). The true Abraham’s what? As a result of this they thought
purpose and intent of the Sabbath was made they were not in bondage to any man and did not
VOID by these Judeans. They turned the people need to be made what? Verse 33.
into SLAVES TO TRADITION rather than COMMENT: In these verses we see
allowing the Sabbath to serve men. The rabbis another example of the ERRONEOUS Judean
had a saying: “The sins of everyone who strictly belief in racial indulgence. They believed they

Traditions and Practices of the Judeans
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