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Lesson 15 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Traditions and Practices of the Judeans

1. Read Matthew 15:1-20 and Mark
The Culture of the Judeans 7:1-23.What was it Yeshua and his disciples
transgressed or violated according to the scribes
The following list summarizes some of and Pharisees? Matthew 15:2.
the pagan practices, beliefs and customs which 2. What specific violation were the
became part of the Judean culture, most of which Judean leaders accusing the disciples of
have found their way into modern committing? Matthew 15:2; Mark 7:2, 5.
Judeo-Christian theology. In this and future 3. According to Mark 7:3, who followed
lessons, we will examine some of these beliefs, this TRADITION?
customs and practices (”traditions of men”) in 4. Responding to the Judeans’
the light of the Bible. accusation, Yeshua told them in Mark 7:7 they
were worshiping in vain and
“teaching for doctrine the
Practices, Beliefs and Customs Existing Within the
commandments” of whom?
Judean Culture
COMMENT: The word
TRADITION is translated
1. Dualism: the world is ruled by the antagonistic forces of good
from the Greek word
and evil with a good god versus an evil god (Satan).
paradosis (#3862 in
2. Immortality of the soul: continued existence of a nonphysical
Strong’s Concordance),
entity which separates from a body at the time of death.
meaning “transmission, i.e.
3. Heaven: an eternal place of bliss and the abode of YEHO-
a precept; specially the
VAH God, angels and the departed souls of the righteous dead.
Judean traditionary law.”
4. Hell: an eternal place of torment and the abode of Satan,
This refers to teachings
demons and the departed souls of the wicked dead.
(doctrines, precepts, cus-
5. Trinity: a triune godhead -- three-part god in unity.
toms, etc.) that are handed
6. Pre-existence of the soul prior to embodiment.
down from generation to
7. Incarnation: gods and “spirits” taking on flesh bodies.
generation. “The washing of
8. Astrology, numerology, alchemy, sorcery, foretelling and
hands,” a religious cere-
various other occult practices.
monial ritual, was one such
9. Highly structured mystical priesthood, and an elaborate
tradition. The Messiah
ritualistic system of worship with secret rites and ceremonies.
CLEARLY condemned this
10. Babylonian calendar and observance of days.
TRADITION as vain (emp-
11. Babylonian-style legal/judicial system.
ty) worship, indicating that
12. Debt-usury economic/monetary system.
their motive for keeping this
13. Babylonian-style central government.
tradition was improper.
The Traditions of Men
Recommended Reading...
The “traditions of the Judeans are
mentioned a number of times in the New
The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot, by
Ernest L. Martin.

Traditions and Practices of the Judeans
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