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Question 1: Did the Judeans, at the time of the Messiah, believe hell is a place where
Satan lives?_____________

Question 2: Is it true the Judeans copied the Biblical economic/monetary system?_______

Question 3: What did the Messiah say that most of the Judean traditions were?

Question 4: The Judean custom of washing hands was simply done for hygienic purposes.

Question 5: The Judean “teachers of the law” were mainly whom?___________________

Question 6: The Judeans tried to become righteous by keeping their own traditions.

Question 7: What is the idea that the Judeans needed no repentance because they were
descendants of Abraham called?_______________________________________

Question 8: Rather than alowing YEHOVAH’s Sabbath to serve men, the Judeans turned
the people into what?_______________________________________________

Question 9: What did Yeshua the Messiah liken the traditions of the Judean Pharisees and
Sadducees to?_____________________________________________________

Question 10: Is physical circumcision required of true Christians today?_______________

Question 11: Was the Judean tradition of corban acceptable to YEHOVAH God?_______

Question 12: The idea of “personal salvation” -- man “saving” himself by works ALONE
-- is known as a what?______________________________________________

Question 13: The true purpose and intent of the Sabbath was made______________by the

Question 14: What does vain reasoning, in its various forms, lead to?


The answers will be found in the next lesson. Approximately 3 weeks after receiving Lessons
13 through 16, you will receive a mail-in test that covers these four lessons. The test will be
returned to you after grading. Following the completion of the Hope of Israel Bible
Correspondence Course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If you complete the
course with a grade of 75% or better you will also receive an Outstanding Student Award.

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