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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 14

IMMEDIATELY upon his death -- NOT three the holy spirit. ANY human being touching the
days later! The awesome events that occurred at Messiah at that time would have made him, as
his death -- the splitting of the Temple curtain, High Priest, ritually “unclean” to appear before
the rising of many dead saints from their graves YEHOVAH God in heaven.
(Matthew 27:50-54) -- indicate that the 7. After the omer, representing the
Messiah’s greatest sacrifice of all time was first-century Christians or the 144,000, was
accepted IMMEDIATELY when he died! ACCEPTED by YEHOVAH God and the
Many ASSUME that the reason the risen Messiah had returned to earth, could his
Messiah told Mary in John 20:17 not to touch disciples THEN touch him? Compare Matthew
him was because he had not yet ascended to 28:9 with John 20:-28.
YEHOVAH God the Father to be “accepted” of 8. What day was it when Mary saw the
Him as our “wave sheaf offering.” This simply is Messiah in the garden? John 20:19.
NOT true! 9. What day was this following? John
4. What does Hebrews 8:1 say the 19:31.
Messiah is? COMMENT: This was the day
COMMENT: The above verse in following the weekly Sabbath AND the first day
Hebrews shows that Yeshua the Messiah is OUR of Unleavened Bread -- BOTH days fell on
High Priest. As such, it was his duty to wave the Nisan 15. When Mary saw the Messiah in the
sheaf (or omer) before YEHOVAH’s throne in garden, it was the VERY SAME DAY THAT
heaven so that the first-century Christians -- the THE WAVE SHEAF WAS OFFERED! It was
144,000 -- would be ACCEPTED by on this very day that Yeshua the Messiah, the
YEHOVAH God. FIRST of the firstfruits of YEHOVAH’s
5. Before the High Priest could enter the spiritual harvest, was IMMEDIATELY
Holy of Holies (symbolic of YEHOVAH’s accepted at his resurrection and the first-century
heavenly throne) he had to do what? Exodus Christians (the 144,000) were accepted as the
29:4, Exodus 30:17-21 and Leviticus 16:4. Wave Sheaf Offering in heaven!
COMMENT: The High Priest had to 10. After the Messiah completed his task
WASH himself before entering the Holy of in heaven and returned to earth, what day was it
Holies so that he would be RITUALLY when the disciples were permitted to touch him?
CLEAN. This action took place at the entrance John 20:19. Clearly, the Messiah went to
of the sanctuary to prepare the priest for entry. heaven as the FIRST RESURRECTED Son of
6. Notice Revelation 21:27. YEHOVAH God and High Priest of those to
COMMENT: The reason for the follow -- the first harvested product of
washing was that it made the High Priest ritually YEHOVAH’s Master Plan -- and returned to his
clean before entering into the presence of disciples ALL IN THE SAME DAY!
YEHOVAH God. When Mary met the Messiah
in the garden, she was told NOT to touch him Pentecost in the New Testament
because he had NOT YET appeared before
YEHOVAH God in heaven -- on the early Once the Wave Sheaf was offered, the
Christians’ behalf -- to have them accepted by spring harvest began. The spring harvest ended
YEHOVAH God. with the annual Sabbath of the Feast of
While the Messiah himself was ritually Firstfruits, when all the people gathered to give
CLEAN at his resurrection, he would have thanks for the produce YEHOVAH God had
BECOME ritually impure or unclean if Mary given them. Another name for the Feast of
had touched him. Mary, as all the others, was Firstfruits was the Feast of Weeks
still “dead in her sins” and had not yet received (Deuteronomy 16:9-12). Among Greek-

Day of Pentecost -- The Church in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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