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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 14

COMMENT: The word, “tarry” does in A.D. 31 as recorded in the Book of Acts!
not refer to an ecstatic, emotional, pseudo- Pentecost was called the “Feast of
religious meeting held in Jerusalem as some Firstfruits” in the Old Testament and was
deluded people believe, but merely means observed by “devout” people (including the
“wait.” It is an archaic English word which was Messiah’s disciples) for many generations
used in 1611, when the King James Bible was (Leviticus 23:15-21).
translated, to mean “wait.” The Messiah’s disciples waited in
4. When did the disciples actually Jerusalem as Yeshua had commanded until the
receive the gift of YEHOVAH’s holy spirit? Feast of Pentecost or Firstfruits when they were
Acts 2:1-4. On what DAY did the holy spirit all together in one place on one of YEHOVAH
come? Same verses. God’s ANNUAL HOLY DAYS. It was then that
5. Was there a meeting going on in Yeshua the Messiah sent the holy spirit and
Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost? Acts 2:5-13. began the New Testament Church or Ekklesia!
Who were these people who had gathered in If the Messiah’s disciples had not obeyed
Jerusalem from all over the Roman Empire? him -- if they had not been KEEPING THE DAY
Same verses, especially verse 5. OF PENTECOST, or Firstfruits -- they WOULD
called “devout” men because although they were SPIRIT! YEHOVAH God gives His spirit only
not yet disciples of the Messiah, they lived to those who OBEY HIM! (Acts 5:32.)
according to YEHOVAH’s laws revealed in the
Old Testament. Remember, at this time the only The 144,000 -- the Wave Sheaf
Bible people had was what we call the Old
Testament. The New Testament had not as yet YEHOVAH God Almighty knows man
been written. is best reminded by what he repeats YEAR
His Holy Days -- memorials of the
PLAN of YEHOVAH God -- in
conjunction with the three ANNUAL
physical harvest seasons as a pattern of
In Palestine there are three
annual harvest seasons. The first one is a
small spring harvest of barley following
Harvest sheaves in a field. The spring barley harvest the winter rains. It begins on the day of
began with the symbolic wave-sheaf offering. the Wave-Sheaf offering, and ends at the
Day of Pentecost. Pentecost marks the
6. Why were the Messiah’s disciples great summer harvest -- the second
gathered together with “devout” Judeans from harvest season. It followed the late spring rains
all over the Roman Empire? Had everyone in Palestine. Then we have the fall Feast of
gathered together at a specific time and in a INGATHERING, which is called in your Bible
specific place for the Day of Pentecost? What THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES. This fall
was significant about the Day of Pentecost? Acts harvest is the much greater harvest. You will
2:1. learn all about it in future lessons of this
COMMENT: The Day of Pentecost was Correspondence Course.
observed LONG BEFORE the holy spirit came The Day of Pentecost pictures the

Day of Pentecost -- The Church in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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