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Lesson 14 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Day of Pentecost -- The Church in YEHOVAH’s

Master Plan

Lesson 14 The Messiah Promised Spiritual Help
Steps in YEHOVAH’s Plan Reviewed
1. Did Yeshua the Messiah promise
YEHOVAH God’s seven annual spiritual help to his disciples? John 14:16. What
festivals outline His Master Plan. Because the was the “Comforter” that the Messiah promised?
world rejects these Holy Days, it has lost the Verse 26. What else is the holy spirit called
KNOWLEDGE of the PURPOSE for human besides “Comforter”? Verse 17. Was the holy
life. These holy periods of time are not “Jewish” spirit dwelling WITH the disciples in the person
-- they belong to ALL mankind! of the Messiah? Same verse. But had the
The PASSOVER is to remind us that disciples received the holy spirit dwelling
YESHUA THE MESSIAH paid a tremendous WITHIN them as yet? Same verse.
price for our sins. He offered something more COMMENT: The holy spirit had been
valuable than anything we could offer -- the WITH the disciples in the person of the Messiah.
sacrifice of HIS PERFECT HUMAN LIFE! But now he was to ascend into Heaven. He
Because we broke YEHOVAH’s law promised to send the holy spirit to be WITHIN
and earned the wages of sin, which is death them as it had been in Him! The word,
(Romans 6:23), Yeshua had to DIE IN OUR “comforter” is translated from the Greek word,
STEAD. We need the cleansing blood of the “parakletos” which means, “one who goes
Messiah to pay for our sins. The Passover was alongside to help.”
given to us as an ANNUAL MEMORIAL SO 2. Was Yeshua’s promise to send the
WE WOULD NEVER FORGET IT. The holy spirit repeated AFTER he had been
Passover service or Seder is the FIRST STEP in crucified and resurrected from the dead? Acts
YEHOVAH God’s Master Plan of salvation! 1:8-9.
Next, YEHOVAH reminds us to QUIT 3. Did the Messiah tell the disciples to
SINNING! The DAYS OF UNLEAVENED wait in Jerusalem until they received
BREAD picture putting the LEAVEN OF SIN (I YEHOVAH’s spirit? Luke 24:49.
Corinthians 5:7-8) out of our lives, and
beginning to live in complete submission and Unleavened Matzos represent putting sin out of
obedience to YEHOVAH’s laws. When we our lives as well as the brutal treatment the
begin to obey YEHOVAH God and totally Messiah received.
surrender to Him, we take the SECOND STEP
in YEHOVAH’s plan. But that is not enough!
We need the holy spirit of YEHOVAH God if
we are to really obey YEHOVAH and inherit
eternal life.
plan is pictured for us by the DAY OF
PENTECOST, or Feast of Firstfruits.
Let’s begin LESSON 14...

Day of Pentecost -- The Church in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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