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Lesson 14 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

Then, on Sivan 9, we
start the 50-day count to
Pentecost. If we add together
50 actual SOLAR DAYS
starting from Sivan 9, we
will arrive at the correct Day
of Pentecost or Feast of
Weeks. As Leviticus 23:16
prescribes, “Then AFTER
SABBATH you shall count
FIFTY DAYS” (Hebrew --
“yowm”). From this it
becomes obvious that the
“fifty days” include the
NEW MOON PERIODS Synagogue in Capernaum sits on site of synagogue where the
with two or three SOLAR Messiah spoke. New Testament Christians always kept the Feast of
days. The final day (Hebrew Pentecost on the first day of the week following the weekly Sabbath.
-- “yowm”) of the omer
count always falls on the ministry, but so His ministers could know how
28th or 29th day of the FOURTH month of Pentecost is to be properly counted. The
Tammuz. ministers then were to pass this information on
8. Did the disciples of the Messiah to the whole congregation.
understand how to count Pentecost? Acts 2:1. YEHOVAH God Almighty is NOT THE
COMMENT: If they did not understand AUTHOR OF CONFUSION! (I Corinthians
how to count Pentecost, they wouldn’t have been 14:33.) He has placed specific offices in His
able to be “in one accord” and “in one place" on True Church today to determine just such things
the EXACT DAY of Pentecost, and wouldn’t as how to count Pentecost (Ephesians 4:11-13).
have received the holy spirit from YEHOVAH Pentecost ALWAYS FALLS ON THE 28th OR
Too many people have felt merely MONTH (Tammuz), depending on whether the
because YEHOVAH records the method by THIRD month has 29 or 30 days. There is NO
which Pentecost is counted, they are qualified to OTHER DAY ACCEPTABLE IN
about when Pentecost should be kept! They are
WRONG! They have attempted to take to YEHOVAH God Calls a Few Today
themselves a responsibility that YEHOVAH
God placed ONLY in the hands of His CALLED 1. When the Eternal brought Israel out of
AND CHOSEN MINISTERS! the bondage of Egypt, did He tell them plainly
Notice that the instructions for counting this was not the time for them to be able to
Pentecost are given in the book of Leviticus -- understand His Master Plan completely?
the book for the Levites. The Levites were Deuteronomy 29:2-4.
YEHOVAH God’s priests doing the work of the 2. Why did YEHOVAH God blind these
ministry in the Old Testament. Leviticus is people? Romans 11:32.
written, not so the common lay-members of the COMMENT: Ancient Israel isn’t lost
church could “second guess” YEHOVAH’s forever. Their time of understanding and

Day of Pentecost -- The Church in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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