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Lesson 12 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

Same verse. bondage of Egypt? Exodus 12:42. Is the Feast of
COMMENT: Immediately after Israel Unleavened Bread an everlasting reminder of
left Egypt they were pursued by Pharaoh! So this fact? Same verse.
today newly begotten Christians are often 9. Does YEHOVAH God promise to
pursued by Satan. He will set any obstacle in help any man or woman who is willing to flee the
your way -- he will attempt to discourage you, to bondage of sin? I Corinthians 10:13. How does
cause you to stumble he will do ANYTHING to YEHOVAH intend for Christians to be able to
keep you from receiving eternal life. His favorite resist sin? Romans 8:13.
trick is to make you WANT TO RETURN TO COMMENT: YEHOVAH will provide
THE LIFE OF SIN YOU SHOULD BE FOR- a means of escape for anyone who really seeks to
SAKING. overcome sin, to mortify or kill his own selfish
Yet some people blindly prefer to desires, just as YEHOVAH God made it
continue in sin! They don’t want to rejoice possible for Israel to escape from Pharaoh
before YEHOVAH God on His annual Festivals through the Red Sea.
because they don’t WANT TO QUIT SIN-
NING! Israel displayed this same SELFISH Feast of Unleavened Bread is HOLY TIME
ATTITUDE as they journeyed out of Egypt
through the desert to Sinai. 1. Who instituted these Festivals --
5. Who did they blame? Exodus YEHOVAH God? Leviticus 23:1-2. Are they
14:11-12. Was it Moses or YEHOVAH God called “the Feasts of the Lord”? Verse 2.
Himself who was REALLY responsible? COMMENT: Each Feast or Festival is a
Exodus 14:8. Then it was YEHOVAH that the segment of time ordained by YEHOVAH God
people of Israel were REALLY rebelling for our spiritual and physical rejuvenation.
against, wasn’t it? Same verse. Because YEHOVAH has ordained this time it is
6. Why did Israel rebel against HOLY TIME! One chapter in the Bible
YEHOVAH? Exodus14:10. summarizes all of the festivals YEHOVAH has
COMMENT: Israel was afraid that ordained -- Leviticus 23. Though they were
YEHOVAH God would not save them from the already ordained (Exodus 12) before Israel left
terrifying situation in which they found Egypt, they are repeated here because they were
themselves. They realized that they needed to continue.
POWERFUL SUPERNATURAL help, and that The first Festival occurs WEEKLY
they couldn’t deliver themselves from the army (Leviticus 23:2-3). It is the seventh-day
of Pharaoh. Sabbath. The weekly Sabbath is a period of rest
7. But did YEHOVAH provide a means from usual business and labors, as well as our
of escape? Exodus 14:13-23. Did YEHOVAH mundane pleasures. Each of the other Holy Days
even “sabotage” the Egyptian chariots when mentioned here are to be observed AN-
they tried to follow the Israelites into the now NUALLY. They picture ANNUALLY the steps
dry bottom of the Red Sea? Exodus 14:23-25. in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan.
Who was it then that fought Pharaoh to deliver 2. What else are these Feast Days called?
Israel? Verse 25. Verse 4. Notice the words, “holy convocation.”
COMMENT: YEHOVAH God COMMENT: A “holy convocation” is a
supernaturally delivered Israel from Satan and COMMANDED ASSEMBLY. It is an assembly
from the bondage of sin in Egypt. of people where their presence is COM-
8. Does YEHOVAH want His people MANDED by a higher power or authority.
even today always to remember that it was His YEHOVAH God Almighty Himself rules
POWER that delivered Israel from the harsh supreme over the universe. He CALLS A

Days of Unleavened Bread -- Your Part in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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