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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 12

answer to the lawyer in Luke 10:25-28.) Satan the Devil. Satan does not want to let a
5. Was any leaven to be found in the sinner escape the bondage of sin (Romans
Israelites’ homes, or on their property? Exodus 6:16).
12:15. 2. What were the physical circumstances
COMMENT: Leaven is a type of sin. that made escape from Egypt IMPOSSIBLE for
Leaven puffs up -- and so does sin. Unleavened the fleeing Israelites? Exodus 14:2-3 .
bread IS FLAT BREAD which contains NO COMMENT: Pi-hahiroth was a
LEAVENING AGENT, and therefore typifies mountain range that made escape from Pharaoh
putting out sin. impossible by land to the south and an Egyptian
A leavening agent is any substance used fortress to the north blocked their way. The Red
to puff up -- to produce fermentation, causing Sea to the east in the Gulf of Aqaba was OVER
dough to rise -- a type of sin. Yeast, soda, baking EIGHT MILES ACROSS at the point where
powder are such leavening agents. (They are, of Israel had encamped, and Pharaoh’s army of
course, proper to use at any other time of year.) chariots was thundering down on the trapped
Bread, crackers, some prepared cereals and most Israelites from the west!
cakes contain leaven and are to be avoided 3. Who had brought these circumstances
during this festival. about? Exodus 14:4. Why had YEHOVAH God
ALL LEAVEN was to be removed from done this? Same verse. Did YEHOVAH want to
the premises. YEHOVAH’s people weren’t demonstrate that He ALONE has the POWER to
allowed to store it in some other room, a shed or deliver his servants -- to deliver us -- from sin?
outbuilding. Same verse.
But it was and is YEHOVAH’s way of 4. When the Israelites understood their
testing His people to see how much they prize predicament, what was their reaction? Exodus
obedience. 14:10. When YEHOVAH tested them by not
6. Does YEHOVAH God positively answering their prayer immediately, what was
command His people to eat unleavened bread -- their reaction? Exodus 14:11-12. When the
a symbol of obedience -- during this festival? going really got tough, did they regret that they
Verse 20. had escaped from the slavery and sins of Egypt?
COMMENT: They were not
merely to abstain from all leavened bread Egyptian chariots were made of lightweight wood and
during these seven days. That would have leather. Drawn by two horses, they were fast and easy
meant ONLY PUTTING OUT past sin. to maneuver.
They were commanded to do something
positive, to eat unleavened bread in the
festival. That symbolized obedience,
SUBMITTING to His will.

Pharaoh a Type of the Devil

1. After Israel escaped slavery in
Egypt, what was their attitude? Exodus
14:8. Were their spirits high? Same verse.
However, were their troubles only just
beginning? Same verse.
COMMENT: Pharaoh is a type of

Days of Unleavened Bread -- Your Part in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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