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Lesson 12 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 5

the holy spirit, COMMAND CHRISTIANS TO failure.
KEEP THE FEAST OF UNLEAVENED 3. Did Moses have to choose between the
BREAD? I Corinthians 5:8. licentious sins of Egypt and serving YEHOVAH
COMMENT: Here is the direct God? Did this mean that by so doing Moses
command for New Testament Christians from would probably suffer along with YEHOVAH’s
YEHOVAH’s apostle to the Gentiles to KEEP people? Hebrews 11:25. Why was Moses
THE FEAST of Unleavened Bread. Notice willing to make such a choice? Hebrews 11:26.
because the Messiah our Passover is sacrificed COMMENT: Moses was willing to
for us (verse 7) we must also continue to KEEP sacrifice sinful pleasures knowing that if he
THE FEAST of Unleavened Bread -- a reminder wanted to inherit the gift of eternal life he must
that we are to put sin out of our lives. UTTERLY FORSAKE THE WAYS OF SIN!
Now what are you GOING TO DO? 4. Just as Moses was willing to forsake
the practices of sin, are New Testament
Escape the Misery of Sin! Christians expected to do the same? Hebrews
12:1-4. Does YEHOVAH God command us to
Let’s return to the account of the Exodus strive TO EXPEND EFFORT AND ENERGY --
from Egypt, and see what new lessons we can to put sin out of our lives? Verses 1 and 4.
learn about the Days of Unleavened Bread. COMMENT: YEHOVAH expects us --
1. Does YEHOVAH God show in His through His help -- to expend every effort to
word that Egypt is a type of SIN? Hebrews QUIT SINNING. We must come TOTALLY
11:24-27. out of -- no longer to participate in sin. If we are
COMMENT: Even in Revelation 11:8 to become a part of His family and receive the
SINFUL Jerusalem is called Egypt spiritually. gift of eternal life, we must PROVE OUR
2. Did the people of Israel SUFFER in OBEDIENCE HERE AND NOW by getting the
miserable slavery to the cruel taskmasters of LEAVEN of sin out of our lives! This is OUR
Egypt? What was life in “sin” like? Exodus 1:14 PART in YEHOVAH’s plan. (See Yeshua’s
and 2:23.
COMMENT: A modern
Israelite slave laborers under the pharaohs of the 12th
example of this sort of persecution
Egyptian Dynasty suffered in an austere bondage similar to
and human slavery is seen in Adolph
that imposed by Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich.
Hitler’s Nazi Germany! Slavery for
Israel in sinful Egypt was very much
like living in Hitler’s concentration
and slave-labor camps. There was one
great difference however. Nazi
Germany’s domination lasted for
only little more than one terrible
decade, whereas ancient Israel served
the Egyptians FOR SEVERAL
In the same way, the entire
world has SUFFERED from its own
sins since the creation of Adam --
Today it is still a world of misery,
frustration, discouragement and

Days of Unleavened Bread -- Your Part in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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