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Lesson 12 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

Days of Unleavened Bread -- Your Part in YEHOVAH’s
Master Plan

LESSON 12 ANNUAL FESTIVAL commemorating another
step in YEHOVAH’s plan. Let’s learn why
Yeshua Our Passover keeping the Days of Unleavened Bread is so
important to your salvation, and just what your
The Ten Commandments reveal part is in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan.
YEHOVAH’s character.
YEHOVAH God is now creating Commanded Forever
whom He is calling. Man, now only a clay 1. Every reader of the New Testament is
model, is to be created in the CHAR- admonished to diligently study the example of
ACTER-IMAGE of YEHOVAH God Israel coming out of Egyptian slavery. Notice:
Almighty. Obedience is a test of that character. Why has this particular Old Testament record
YEHOVAH will not grant eternal life to anyone been specially written and preserved? I
He cannot rule. Corinthians 10:1, 6.
But why have professing Christians lost COMMENT: Lust is sin. Lust is a
the knowledge that we must obey YEHOVAH violation of one of the Ten Commandments.
God? For the same reason that the Judahites lost Then Israel’s experience is to teach us not to sin
the knowledge that Yeshua was the Messiah! -- to teach us obedience.
In the time of the Messiah the Judahites 2. Almighty God commanded Israel to
rejected the True Messiah because they were keep the Passover in Exodus 12:1-4. But were
SLAVES to the traditions of their elders -- they they to stop with the Passover? Or was there
placed TRADITION ahead of the plain truth of MORE for them to do? Verses 15-20.
the Scriptures! They therefore had lost the 3. Were the Days of Unleavened Bread
knowledge of the FIRST STEP in YEHOVAH’s given BEFORE the people of Israel reached
plan -- and put their Savior to an ignominious, Mount Sinai -- BEFORE THEY EVEN LEFT
painful death! THE LAND OF EGYPT? Exodus 12:18, 19.
But Yeshua the Messiah is not only the COMMENT: This festival was
author, or beginner, he is also the FINISHER of commanded before the Old Covenant was made.
our salvation (Hebrews 12:2). That is what the IT WAS NO PART OF THE LAW OF MOSES
professing Christian world has forgotten! They GIVEN NEARLY A YEAR AFTER THE
in YEHOVAH’s plan -- that we must PUT SIN (See Exodus 40:17 and Leviticus 1:1) What
OUT OF OUR LIVES! was not instituted by the Old Covenant or the
To help us in the knowledge of the law of Moses, WAS NOT DONE AWAY
second step, YEHOVAH gave His Church a WHEN THEY CEASED.
special festival -- the Days of Unleavened Bread. YEHOVAH God did not give Israel
They are to impress upon us the fact that we must sacrifices and burnt offerings when they came
NEVER AGAIN RETURN to the sins the out of Egypt! (Jeremiah 7:22.) What He
Messiah paid for with his shed blood. commanded them was to obey, to keep the Feast.
Let’s begin to understand the true Later, special Mosaic sacrifices were offered on
significance, the deep meaning in this SECOND the Days of Unleavened Bread as also on every
day of the year. They were TEMPORARY and

Days of Unleavened Bread -- Your Part in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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