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Lesson 12 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

Chronicles 30:19-20.
6. Did Hezekiah know that the spring
festival season WAS NOT COMPLETE until
the Days of Unleavened Bread were kept? II
Chronicles 30:21. Were the Israelites happy,
rejoicing in YEHOVAH’s Feast Days as He
had promised they would? Same verse.
7. Weren’t they having such a wonderful
time of fellowship (verses 25-26) that they
wanted to keep a second period of seven days
together in order to hear all the sermons?
The pharaoh and his army about to follow the Verse 23. Shouldn’t we who have been given
Israelites across the Red Sea. the opportunity to understand YEHOVAH’s
Master Plan in this end time also rejoice as
they did?
Hezekiah Restores Festivals 8. Did the Eternal Creator Himself also
rejoice to see that His people had returned to
1. Did YEHOVAH God actually worship Him according to the commandment --
promise to PROSPER His people nationally and did YEHOVAH God hear their prayers? Verse
materially if they would keep His Sabbaths? 27.
Read thoroughly Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Would 9. Does YEHOVAH want His people to
they be chastened with CURSES when they really enjoy these Holy Days? What is the
disobeyed? Read thoroughly Deuteronomy principle that YEHOVAH teaches concerning
28:15-68. all of His annual Festivals? Deuteronomy 16:12
2. Now consider the national history of and 14, Psalm 42:4.
Israel -- preserved in the Old Testament for our
admonition. Did YEHOVAH God stand firmly Josiah Kept the Feast
behind His promises and warnings? II
Chronicles 29:1-5. After Hezekiah’s death the people of
3. What conditions did Hezekiah find in Israel again forgot YEHOVAH God. They
Judah when he took the throne? II Chronicles forgot His Festivals and they forgot His plan.
29:5-9. What did Hezekiah do? Verse 10. They returned to idolatry under the self-willed
COMMENT: The people had neglected rulership of kings Manasseh and Amon. Not
to follow YEHOVAH’s laws that outline His until the reign of Josiah were the Feast Days
plan for material as well as spiritual happiness. again restored.
They had been suffering for their sins! 1. Was Josiah a righteous king in
4. Did the leaders of the priesthood then YEHOVAH’s sight? II Kings 22:2.
clean up YEHOVAH’s temple which had fallen 2. What sort of condition were
into disrepair through disuse? II Chronicles YEHOVAH’s people in when Josiah took over
29:15-19. What did Hezekiah do after the the reins of government? Had they lost the
priesthood had been rededicated to the service of knowledge of YEHOVAH’s law and His Holy
YEHOVAH God? II Chronicles 30:1-4. Days? II Kings 22:8-11.
5. Did Almighty God, who could have 3. How did Josiah react when he heard
justly punished Israel for their national sins, the words of the law? Verse 11. What else did he
mercifully forgive His people, and permit them do? Verses 12 and 13. Why was YEHOVAH
to worship on His annual Holy Day? II angry with Judah? Verse 13.

Days of Unleavened Bread -- Your Part in YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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