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Lesson 10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 7

Holy Days Preserved for YEHOVAH’s Judahites, therefore, FAITHFULLY RE-
Church TAINED the true Sabbath as well as all the Holy
Scriptures and the TRUE CALENDAR!
YEHOVAH God chose ancient Israel for Notice what Paul, under inspiration of
a special mission they have FAILED TO YEHOVAH God, asks: “What ADVANTAGE
perform. Israel was a CARNAL nation. They then hath the Jew [should be “Judahite” -- the
didn’t have any promise of receiving the holy term “Jew” is of recent origin]?" Then he
spirit at that time (John 7:38-39). Therefore, answers in part, “much every way: chiefly,
great purpose for mankind or the true spiritual the ORACLES of God" (Romans 3:1, 2).
significance of the STEPS within YEHOVAH’s The Judahites alone were left to preserve
Plan as pictured by the Holy Days. THE SCRIPTURES, the weekly SABBATH
YEHOVAH did not reveal this spiritual and the CALENDAR by which we may know
understanding to them (Ephesians 3:4-5) EXACTLY WHEN TO keep YEHOVAH’s
because it was not yet His time to give the holy Holy Days each year! Of all the tribes of Israel,
spirit to “whosoever will.” He KNEW they did YEHOVAH God entrusted the Judahites to be
not have the spiritual ability -- “the heart” the CARRIERS of His revealed will for the New
(Deuteronomy 5:29) -- within them to believe Testament Spirit-begotten Church! Unfor-
and obey. tunately Judaism -- the religion of those who
Then why did YEHOVAH God give His today CLAIM to be descended from Judah -- has
laws and Holy Days to ancient Israel in the first LOST knowledge of YEHOVAH’s true
place? calendar and Sabbath day.
The Bible tells us that the “oracles” -- the Now, let’s learn about the BEGINNING
Old Testament Scriptures which include of YEHOVAH’s Plan of salvation for mankind
YEHOVAH’s weekly Sabbath and the Holy -- the sacrifice of “Christ our Passover”! We
Days, besides the knowledge of the Sacred need to be SURE we know exactly why the
Calendar -- were committed to Israel to be Messiah DIED for us.
passed on from generation to generation. The
Israelites “who received the lively oracles TO What the Death of the Messiah Means
GIVE UNTO US (TODAY)" (Acts 7:38).
But the house of Israel went into You often hear people say, “Christ DIED
captivity, beginning in 721 B.C., losing their to SAVE sinners.” Many suppose that is a Bible
identity and their knowledge of YEHOVAH quotation -- but it isn’t! Many firmly believe that
God. They DID NOT PRESERVE the BIBLE or the Messiah’s DEATH -- his shed blood -- is
YEHOVAH’s Sacred CALENDAR for us. what actually SAVES us -- imparts everlasting
Then WHO did? LIFE!
The Judahites! You may be surprised to learn that the
The house of Judah -- the Judahites -- Bible says NO SUCH THING! What a self-
which had split away from the nation Israel after contradictory, totally unscientific thing the Bible
the death of Solomon, went into captivity would be stating, if you could find that in
beginning 604 B.C. They returned 70 years later. YEHOVAH’s Word!
But Judah RETAINED the knowledge of her There is no more basic and firmly
identity and her God. established law known to science than the law of
Recognizing the fact that she had gone biogenesis -- that only LIFE can beget life!
into captivity for breaking the Sabbath, Judah DEATH has no power to impart LIFE. Life
became very STRICT in its observance. The cannot spring from dead matter -- or shed blood.

The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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