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6 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 10

known HIS PLAN, His laws, and His blessings harvests. First, produced by the EARLY rain, is
to all nations (Deuteronomy 4:5-9). the SMALLER SPRING HARVEST. Second,
YEHOVAH has mapped out a definite produced by the “latter rain,” comes the main
PLAN, allowing SEVEN THOUSAND YEARS harvest -- the much GREATER FALL HAR-
for the process. Seven is YEHOVAH’s number VEST.
of perfection and completeness. And so YEHOVAH God intended the spring
YEHOVAH God has given to His people harvest festivals to PICTURE to His Church
SEVEN ANNUAL FESTIVALS to keep them repeatedly YEAR BY YEAR, the fact that those
in the KNOWLEDGE of His Plan. He calls now to become His spirit-begotten
Each festival pictures a VITAL STEP in children BEFORE the Messiah’s return, are
the working out of that plan for mankind. ONLY the “first-fruits” -- only the BEGIN-
Whenever the people of Israel forgot these NING of His great spiritual harvest!
festivals they also forgot the Plan of
YEHOVAH God. These festivals are
These memorials, which YEHOVAH gave
His congregation in the wilderness, begin
with the commemoration of Israel’s
deliverance from Egypt -- A PICTURE
FOR HIS CHURCH of the plan of
Just as the weekly Sabbath is a
“sign” between YEHOVAH and His
people, so are these festivals (Exodus YEHOVAH God used the yearly grain harvests of
31:13). They are not Canaanitish feasts, Palestine to picture the spiritual harvests of His Plan.
nor Jewish feasts, nor the feasts of Moses.
NOT ONCE in all the Old Testament are these In the 23rd chapter of Leviticus, we
days called “Jewish feasts" or “feasts of Moses.” find a SUMMARY of these annual Holy Days
They are the “feasts of the LORD” -- “My and festivals. YEHOVAH God spoke them to
feasts,” says YEHOVAH God (Leviticus 23:2). Moses and the Levites -- who were the teachers
The whole story of YEHOVAH’s plan is and ministers in Israel -- so they would know
to be RE-ENACTED year after year by YEHO- what to teach the people.
VAH’s people. The yearly observance of these The FIRST THREE festival periods,
days IMPRESSES YEHOVAH’s Plan on us and beginning with the Passover, are MEMORIALS
continually REMINDS US of OUR PART in it! of the first part of YEHOVAH’s Plan. They
picture only the firstfruits of YEHOVAH’s
TWO Spiritual Harvests labors through the Messiah.
The LAST FOUR festivals look forward
To keep His children constantly in the to the future and show how YEHOVAH God
true understanding of His great PLAN of will reap THE LATTER GREAT FALL HAR-
salvation, YEHOVAH God originally took the VEST OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE!
yearly agricultural harvests of Palestine as a
TYPE OF HIS SPIRITUAL HARVESTS of Hope of Israel Ministries -- Preparing
human beings. the Way for the Return of YEHOVAH
In Palestine there are two annual grain God and His Messiah!

The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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