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4 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 10

to shed his blood for our sins. He
became, also, the FIRSTBORN from
among the dead -- the FIRST com-
pleted, perfected SPIRITUAL
MAN! He became our Elder
Brother! Notice it in your own Bible:
“But we do see Yeshua -- who
indeed was made for a little while
lower than the angels [like the rest of
humanity] -- now crowned with
glory and honor because he suffered
death, so that by God’s grace he
might taste death for all humanity.
For in bringing many sons to glory, it
was only fitting that God, the Creator
and Preserver of everything, should
bring the Initiator of their deliver-
ance to the goal through suffering"
(Hebrews 2:9-10, Jewish New
There it is! The purpose of life is
that in us YEHOVAH God is re-
creating HIS OWN KIND -- RE-
YEHOVAH first revealed His
Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, realized
purpose and plan to Adam in the
YEHOVAH God Almighty is carrying out a great plan here on
Garden of Eden. But Adam didn’t
really comprehend it.
BEING FASHIONED INTO THE VERY Only rarely in Old Testament
CHARACTER “IMAGE” OF YEHOVAH times did YEHOVAH God intervene in human
GOD -- into very spirit-born Sons in YE- lives and call men to walk with Him and talk
HOVAH’s Family! with Him about the GOAL OF LIFE and HOW
But that takes TIME. To accomplish it TO ACHIEVE IT. In the first 1656 years of
YEHOVAH God has allotted 7,000 years -- human history, the Bible records that only ONE
seven millennial “days” (II Peter 3:8). MAN out of each generation was called by
The entire creation of YEHOVAH God’s YEHOVAH God to really understand the
family begins with THE MESSIAH, and, when PURPOSE of life -- chosen to mediate between
we fully understand, it is also FINISHED IN YEHOVAH and man as “a preacher of
HIM! righteousness" (II Peter 2:5).
Our SPIRITUAL creation BEGINS with After the flood, YEHOVAH revealed
the Messiah. It is he who became our living His purpose and plan to Abraham, the out-
EXAMPLE to follow. He was born into the standing example of faith and obedience in Old
world, after leading a PERFECT life was able to Testament times (Genesis 26:5).
lead the way for us. Because he obeyed and kept But it was not until the days of Moses
YEHOVAH’s laws PERFECTLY, he was able that YEHOVAH God began to call the descen-

The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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