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Lesson 10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 3

The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan

LESSON 10 there are two meanings to the word SAVE. We
save or rescue someone from fire. So the
Why the Resurrection? Messiah saved us from the death penalty of past
sins by paying that penalty himself. But we also
Suppose Yeshua were not resurrected. save, that is, keep or preserve, money in a bank.
Would his shed blood be sufficient to save you? So the life of the Messiah -- the HOLY SPIRIT --
Have you never read I Corinthians 15:17? IS WHAT WILL SAVE US, KEEP OR
“And if Christ be not raised, your faith is VAIN; PRESERVE US LIVING FOREVER. That part
YOU ARE YET IN YOUR SINS"! of salvation is YET TO BE FINISHED at the
Notice it! “Yet in your sins”! Without resurrection!
salvation! The TRUTH is that YEHOVAH’s Plan
Then the Messiah’s sacrifice alone is not only BEGAN with the Messiah’s sacrifice! The
all that is necessary for salvation. THE Messiah’s death is in reality only the
Unless the Messiah is ALIVE today, acting as HOVAH God’s great Master Plan of salvation.
your Advocate, making intercession as your Let’s begin to understand why.
Saviour, your faith in his shed blood is in vain!
You would yet be in your sins. You would be YEHOVAH’s PURPOSE for Mankind
without a resurrected, living Saviour to PLEAD
FORGIVENESS on your behalf in the presence Former Prime Minister Winston
of YEHOVAH God in Heaven. Churchill, during World War II, told the
That’s why Paul wrote to the Romans: American Congress: “There is A PURPOSE
“For if, when we were enemies, we were BEING WORKED OUT HERE BELOW." He
reconciled to God by the death of his Son" -- acknowledged a Higher Power above who is
that’s the work the Messiah finished on the tree working out that purpose!
-- the work of reconciliation so we can BE That great and wonderful purpose for
FORGIVEN OUR PAST SINS -- “much more," human existence was first revealed in the Garden
continues Paul, “being reconciled, WE SHALL of Eden. YEHOVAH GOD said, “I will make
BE SAVED BY HIS LIFE" (Romans 5:10). man in My IMAGE, according to My
Do you comprehend this all-important likeness...” (Genesis 1:26 -- correct translation).
verse? The death of the Messiah -- the shedding Man was made of the dust of the ground
of his blood -- paid for our past guilt, but we -- of clay -- in the form and shape of YEHOVAH
SHALL (that’s FUTURE) be saved, that is, God. But man was made INCOMPLETE. Man
inherit eternal life, BY HIS LIFE -- by the power was made to need YEHOVAH God -- to receive
of the resurrection! the holy spirit without which he has no hope of
If the Messiah is not living today, if he eternal life.
were yet dead, you never could be saved! You YEHOVAH God, on that sixth day of
never could inherit the Kingdom of YEHOVAH creation week, had only BEGUN His master
God and live forever! That takes the power of the creation. YEHOVAH made man a perfect
holy spirit! PHYSICAL creation. He was NOT YET A
What people have not understood is that PERFECT SPIRITUAL CREATION! YEH-
OVAH made mankind for the purpose of

The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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