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Lesson 10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course 11

Messiah, “the LAMB of God” -- “Christ our observed annually, AFTER HIS DEATH, by the
Passover” -- who would come 1,500 years later New Testament Church in REMEMBRANCE
to give his life as a “bloody sacrifice" to pay the of himself who became our true Passover Lamb!
PENALTY of our transgressions of YEHO-
VAH’s law!
6. For how long was Israel commanded
to continue keeping the Passover Day as a
MEMORIAL? Exodus 12:14.
manded, before Sinai, that the Passover should
be kept FOREVER -- not just until the tree, as so
many falsely assume and teach today. The
Passover became a yearly MEMORIAL --
before Sinai -- of the death angel’s passing over
Israel and sparing their blood-protected
But the Passover also continually
LOOKED FORWARD to the time when the
Did Yeshua Keep the Passover the Year of
His Death?
would appear to SHED his blood for the
remission of the sins of all mankind!
Many people assume that in Yeshua’s
The Passover plainly pictures the
day two “Passovers” were kept -- one by Yeshua
DEATH of the Messiah for the remission of our
and his desciples at the beginning of Nisan 14,
sins and his passing over our past sins now
and the other by the majority of the Judeans who
covered by his shed blood.
killed the Passover lambs in the AFTERNOON
of Nisan 14 and celebrated the feast in the early
Yeshua Kept the Passover
hours of Nisan 15. But is this assumption true?
1. Read John 13:1-5. Was this the
1. While Yeshua was yet a child, did he
Messiah’s LAST MEAL before his death? John
go to Jerusalem with his parents who kept the
Passover EVERY YEAR? Luke 2:40-42.
2. Was this “last meal” the Passover?
2. When Yeshua began his ministry, did
John 18:28.
he CONTINUE to observe the Passover which
COMMENT: The next morning, after
YEHOVAH God had originally given to Israel
this “last meal” Yeshua had with his disciples
approximately 1,500 years previously? John
and after the Judeans had apprehended him, they
2:13, 23.
led him to the Hall of Judgment to be judged by
COMMENT: Before and during his
Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor. The
ministry, Yeshua kept the annual spring festivals
Judeans, however, would NOT go into the
which YEHOVAH had originally given to
Roman judgment hall “lest they should be
Israel. The Passover is one of the seven annual
defiled; but that they might EAT THE
festivals which Yeshua observed yearly. It is a
PASSOVER” (John 18:28). Clearly, Passover
memorial ordained FOREVER (Exodus 12:14).
had NOT YET come!
For that reason Yeshua OBEDIENTLY ob-
Also note that the apostle John does
served it.
NOT refer to this as the “Judeans” Passover --
Later, the Messiah INSTRUCTED his
but as “THE PASSOVER.” There was ONLY
disciples how it should be continuously
The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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