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10 Hope of Israel Ministries BIBLE Correspondence Course Lesson 10

YEHOVAH God as He had ordained. They were contemporary testimony of Josephus, and from
forced to work seven days a week and to adapt Talmudical authorities, there CANNOT BE A
themselves to the Egyptian calendar and DOUBT that at the time of our Lord, it was
holidays. Therefore, YEHOVAH had to reveal regarded as the interval between the sun’s
that the month of Abib -- the first month in the COMMENCING TO DECLINE and his
spring of YEHOVAH’s Lunar Calendar -- was ACTUAL DISAPPEARANCE” (Wm. B.
to be the BEGINNING of the sacred year. Eerdmans Publishing Company: Grand Rapids,
2. What was each family to do on the 1987. Pp. 211-212).
tenth day of Abib? Exodus 12:3. Was the lamb This is verified by Gesenius Hebrew-
they selected to be WITHOUT any spots or Chaldee Lexicon, which states: “The
imperfections? Verse 5. Is Yeshua the Messiah Pharisees...and the Rabbinists considered the
called the “Lamb of God”? John 1:29. Was this time when the sun BEGAN TO DESCEND to be
perfect lamb PROPHETIC of the Messiah our called the FIRST EVENING (Arabic ‘little
Saviour “Lamb” who was SINLESS -- without evening’; when it begins to draw towards
blemish or spot? I Petet 1:19. evening); and the SECOND EVENING to be the
3. Until what date of the month was each REAL SUNSET” (p. 652, #6153). In other
family to keep the lamb they selected? Exodus words, this was the period of time between
12:6. Were they to kill the lamb on this day? approximately 2:00pm and 6:00pm in the
Same verse. Notice that they were to kill it “in afternoon. So the lamb was KILLED during this
the EVENING of the FOURTEENTH day! period of time as the 14th of Abib or Nisan drew
to a close.
4. As soon as the lamb was killed, what
were they to do with its SHED BLOOD, which
pictured the Messiah’s sacrifice to come?
Exodus 12:7.
5. What was the final devastating plague
YEHOVAH God brought upon Egypt on that
same night, to force Pharaoh to release Israel?
Exodus 12:12, 29. Did YEHOVAH promise to
SPARE -- “PASS-OVER” -- the lives of the
Israelites’ firstborn? Verse 13. Then wasn’t it
the SHED BLOOD of the lamb they had struck
on their door posts and lintels that SAVED them
from death? Same verse.
COMMENT: Israel’s protection from
the death angel WAS BY THE BLOOD OF
THE LAMB! The lamb’s blood was a “token” or
As an innocent lamb led to the slaughter, so too sign which showed that the house was under the
was the Messiah led to his murderers! protection of the blood.
So it is today that those who come
COMMENT: The literal Hebrew from UNDER THE BLOOD of the Messiah, “Our
which “in the evening” is translated is Passover” Lamb who was “sacrificed for us” (I
“BETWEEN the TWO evenings.” Notes Alfred Corinthians 5:7), are PROTECTED from the
Edersheim in The Temple -- “The lamb was to penalty of eternal death!
be killed on the eve of the 14th, or rather, as the YEHOVAH God had the nation Israel
phrase is, ‘between the two evenings.’...from the ACT OUT, beforehand, the exact TYPE of the

The Passover -- Yeshua’s Sacrifice Begins YEHOVAH’s Master Plan
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